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About Ormus

Q: What does monatomic (m-state) mean? 
A: Monatomic means single atom. In our case, this is in reference to the monatomic elements and noble gases, which are chemically inert, meaning non-reactive, and yet have superconductive capabilities. This, among many notable functions and properties, enables a greater generation and absorption of oxygen and hydrogen in the cells, increasing the uptake of nutrients and the electromagnetic (occasionally referred to as Meissner) field of the user.

Q: What does ormus mean? 
A: The word ormus has a long tradition in mainly esoteric circles. In the '90s it was adopted by modern practitioners because of its resemblance to the initials ORMEs, which stand for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements and was filed under this moniker as a method of manufacture for a patent by David Hudson.

Q: Who is David Hudson? 
A: David Hudson was an Arizona farmer in the '70s who discovered that monatomic elements existed naturally in rock, soils and sands. He went on to further determine that it also exists in the plant realm as well, with the aloe plant, as an example, being a host to a form of monatomic rhodium, which is the primary constituent for its fantastic healing capabilities. He began researching what could be done with this dried white powder and discovered it is a super-nutrient, with a broad range of health and wellness applications. He then researched the ancient links to alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Q: What is the Philosopher's Stone? 
A: The Philosopher’s Stone is a legendary concept, sometimes referred to as a substance, sometimes referred to as the purified human, and sometimes referred to as an actual stone, itself representing the immovable seed of Creation at the core of the purified human. “The Sword in the Stone” is one such allegorical reference, as were the wildly popular Grail Romances. Possibly its most consistent reference is made regarding its ability to turn base metals, particularly lead, into gold. A close second is that is believed to be the mysterious and elusive “elixir of life,” possible of achieving physical immortality by raising the body to a phase of incorruptibility, written about in ancient documents all over the world. It has been the central symbol of alchemical mysticism, the labor, process and ongoing discoveries of which is known as “The Great Work.” The Great Work, by definition, however, is the theoretical pinnacle of any alchemist's body of work, and is the objectified fact of transmuting base metals into gold.



The Original Mother Earth Alchemy

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