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the meaning of manna


I don't have it printed out. And the reason I don't is that it's sort of twisted! Here is the tradition.

In the old (think Egyptian as the origins) priestly orders, if you were a "devotee" and wanted to enter the order, you first became an "aspirant" meaning, you worked for free and didn't even learn the processes to make the elixirs and the benefit of the age turning back benefits of taking an elixir. At that stage, you are not even a priest, just a person wanting to be a priest. All the crap duties is what was done by aspirants: cooking, cleaning, serving the priests, making their beds, cleaning their clothes, doing the gardens, making their wine emptying their vessels of poo and pee in the morning.... Then, after years of "devotion" as an aspirant, you are evaluated and with high pomp and ceremony, you're initiated into the priestly order. That stage is called a "novice" and it has some benefits. You stand above the rabble of the regular people and above the folks who WANT to enter the priesthood. But still not shown how to make the elixirs or anything essential as that takes many more years of "devotion." At that stage, you're not even allowed to take elixirs as that benefit is the thing that controls the backbone of the priesthood. Finally, with more pomp and ceremony, you become a regular priest. All this time, you've been aging and are VERY eager to take elixirs to help you. So the master alchemist meets with you to initiate you into the consumption of manna. It's the regular manna, not something super or magical stuff. And at this point, as you are taking your first doses of manna, he tells you the meaning of manna: It breaks down into two words, Man and Hu.... Man, meaning a gift, and Hu, meaning from God or Heaven... You already knew that because it's well know, yeah, a gift from God.... (what else is new?) then he tells you the gut wrencher: it's white, sorta salty, and sorta thick. This is God's semen. (ew YUCK!)

It's not really, but that was the tradition. Many of the priesthoods had twisted sexual undercurrents and practices once you got into the upper levels of their orders. I'm afraid, it's a appalling as the story. I'm of the belief that those sick practices still exist in some forms in priestly or religious orders.

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