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Starting Out?

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Ormus/Manna is light sensitive.  It “escapes” in sunlight.  So store away from strong light. Manna is basically female in nature, being receptive and holding, and, being magnetic it will pick up the frequency of EMF from TVs, microwaves, computers etc.  So store your bottles in an EMF free area. Ormus will escape from rotating magnetic fields as one magnet repels another.  So keep it away from motors, blenders, strong magnets and electric stoves.  Ormus likes crystals, water and oil.  It clings to salt in the ocean.  We ship our Ormus with a little salt in it to make sure it survives the EMFs on it’s trip.  We ship in a 5 layer protective bag.  These protect your product from any fields or light. Do not store your ormus in its shipping container unless you do not have a good place for storage.
All forms of Ormus need a dark quiet place. A metal, not aluminium, cookie tin is ideal.

With liquid versions, most take their Ormus with tea or coffee in the morning and sometimes repeat their dose at noon. Most determine how much is needed for themselves instead of any recommended amount.  Some people take massive amounts while others take a few drops.  How much is right must be determined by you.  Beginners often take an eye dropper and fill it (meaning a couple dozen drops) as their starting dose.  Others take a tablespoon per day. Listen to your body, if you don’t feel anything, take more.  If it’s making you feel too odd or crazy, take less.
Shake liquid forms well before using. Dissolving your dose in an acid, such as lemon juice, will make your dose more potent. Don't pre-dissolve more than one dose!

Powder dosage: Again, there is no set dose because it varies so greatly from one person to the next.  Most folks start with 1/8 tsp (~ 1/2 gm) and ramp up from there.  But true aetheric will not dissolve in water, so take powder on an empty stomach.


Often Ormus kicks your body into overdrive in making and repairing cells.  So you may want to add supplements to help your body repair. 

Some people “charge” their Ormus by placing it near crystals or on some area they deem important (like an altar or shrine) or place it in a pyramid or “orgone” energy collector.  This isn’t necessary to have a great effect, but it’s fun to play with & entirely up to you.  This “programs” your Ormus.  It will keep that “vibe” unless it picks up a vibe from somewhere else. Remember, the nature of Ormus is female & that means it receives light & responds.

Ormus seems to hold impressions of sound.  So it can be “cleaned” of EMF by exposure to nice sounds.  One way to program your Ormus is to expose it to very low light (moonlight is perfect) with interesting music.  The sol-feggio frequencies found inthe ancient Gregorian or shamanic chants seem to have a very interesting & astoundingly positive effect. More so in the liquid forms than in dry powder.

You may not want to take this product if you are on prescription mood altering drugs.  Consult your health professional.

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